Birkenstock: 200 Years of Comfort

In the small German village of Langenberg, Johann Adam Birkenstock is registered as 'subject and shoemaker' in the church archives.

Johann's grandson, Konrad Birkenstock who owns two specialist footwear stores in Frankfurt starts to produce contoured insoles.

Konrad Birkenstock develops the first flexible arch support to be used in factory made shoes.

Carl Birkenstock, Konrad's eldest son joins the company. 

Konrad Birkenstock JR. joins the company. Birkenstock® arch supports are now exported to Austria, France, Denmark, Czechoslovakia, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, Norway, Holland, Sweden and Switzerland.

Birkenstock® training seminars are held in many European countries. Leading medical specialists support the Birkenstock system. 

'Birkenstock's Podiatry' is published. It becomes the most widely read and published book on foot-health of its time.

Carl Birkenstock's son Karl uses his father's innovations to develop the first Birkenstock® sandal.

The Arizona, Birkenstock's classic two-strap sandal, is introduced.

The first thong styles are launched.

The first Birkenstock® shoes go on sale.

Tatami®,a new line by Birkenstock®, is launched.

Papillio®, Birkenstock's seasonal range, goes on sale.

Birkenstock® launches the first hand stitched comfort shoes.

Christian Birkenstock founds Betula®; a new brand of affordable, alternative sandals and footbed shapes.

Birkenstock's hand stitched shoes are now marketed as Footprints®.

Birkenstock® celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Boston clog.

The Arizona, Birkenstock's famous two-strap sandal, is celebrating its 30 -year anniversary.

In England, Birkenstock receives the Draper's award as "Footwear Brand of the Year" in acknowledgement of Birkenstock products' timeless design making them suitable for every age group, any occasion and all types of people.

The Birkenstock store in Covent Garden is named BEST NEW STORE at the Drapers Footwear Awards 2005.

The re-launch of the Birkenstock UK website with improved navigation and product information for a better customer experience.

The new dedicated Birkenstock store opens at 24 Neal Street.


About Us

The Boot Tree Ltd. is not a name people are likely to be familiar with, but The Boot Tree has been trading for a long time. As the organisation behind The Natural Shoe Store, The Boot Tree has been in the business of footwear retail for over three decades. When the original Natural Shoe Store opened in Neal Street, Covent Garden, it was the first shoe store to open in the area. Neal Street has now become world renowned as a mecca for shoe lovers. Robert Lusk, The Boot Tree founder, wanted to provide footwear to customers that embraced the idea of recreating the dynamics of natural walking within the confines of shoes. Searching out brands that were true to this vision, The Natural Shoe store was offering customers quality comfort footwear before this concept developed into a thriving sector in the marketplace. There are now 2 Natural Shoe Stores located throughout the London area.

When Birkenstock was originally introduced into the UK market, it was launched from The Natural Shoe store. Lusk so believed in the brand that he became the distributor. Birkenstock as a brand in the UK has gained enormous popularity and has over the years grown to be a mainstream brand with widespread loyalty. The first mail order catalogue was launched in 1994 followed soon thereafter by the opening of the first dedicated Birkenstock shop at 37 Neal Street in Covent Garden, which has since moved to 24 Neal Street.