Protect Your Investment


Avoid extreme heat, grease, oil and water
If your Birkenstocks have cork footbeds, both the cork and the soles of Birkenstock® footwear can be damaged by exposure to concentrated heat. Do not leave your shoes in closed cars on warm days and keep then away from radiators and fireplaces. If your shoes become wet, allow them to dry slowly, away from direct heat.

care Apply Cork sealant
Birkenstock cork footbeds come with a light coating of cork sealant which prevents them from drying out. When the cork no longer looks shiny, apply a thin coat of cork sealant. Contact us for advice.

care Replace worn EVA outer soles
Prolong the life of your cork based footwear with Birkenstock EVA outer soles. Replace your outer soles when they have worn down to 1/4 inch. If your soles wear unevenly, repair them promptly to ensure your feet remain correctly balanced. Use only the original Birkenstock® repair materials.

care Care for Shoes
When the soles show signs of heavy wear, contact your Birkenstock® retailer to have them repaired or replaced. Use only the original Birkenstock® repair materials. The inner cork footbed is also replaceable.

care Care for EVA & PU sandals and clogs
When the polyurethane (PU) sole gets dirty, just hose it off! If you take them into saltwater, be sure to wash them with fresh water right away to avoid corrosion. The PU clogs are machine washable in temperatures up to 65ºC and the insoles for Super Birki’s and Outdoor Birki’s are machine washable in temperatures up to 30ºC.

Cleaning the uppers
Apply a water and stain protector to all suede, nubuk and leather uppers before wearing your new shoes and after each cleaning. A commercial suede cleaner can be used to remove stubborn spots. Keep suede uppers looking fresh with a suede brush. Clean and revive nubuk with a nubuk block. For cleaning smooth Leather, just use a soft dry cloth. Wipe Birko-Flor uppers clean with a damp cloth.

Care Product

Liquiproof Footwear Protector
Suitable for all kinds of materials including nubucks and suedes. Click here for more details.